Swim Lessons


30-minute lessons

Private (1:1) Member = $35, Non-member = $42
(2:1) Member = $21 per student, Non member = $26 per student
Group* (3:1 or 4:1) Members only = $16 per student

Members’ accounts will be billed after each lesson has been completed. Non-members must pre-pay for all reserved lessons within 24-hours of booking and have a completed 2017 guest waiver on file.

CANCELLATION POLICY: To avoid being charged for a lesson you cannot keep, please notify the Club at least 24-hours prior to your lesson. Lessons will not be canceled due to rain – we are going to get wet regardless.

NON-MEMBER USE POLICY: Because La Madrona is a private club, non-members visiting the club for programming are not allowed use of the facility outside of their paid programming. Please wait for your class to begin before using the facility. Thank you.

*Provide your own group for these rates. For students of differing abilities, semiprivate lessons can be divided into two 15-minute lessons and group lessons can be divided into three 10-minute lessons. These lessons are usually utilized by families who have more than one child, but we have had parents and children share a 30-minute lesson, as well. Bring your friends for a better rate!

To check availability and reserve a lesson, call the club at (831) 438-1072 or email lmacaquatics@caclubs.com

Members may book their own lessons by activating their account credentials:

1. Call the club at (831) 438-1072

2. Confirm your email address

3. Follow the instructions in the email you receive to log in

4. Reserve your swim lessons by following the link below

Member access to book lessons

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